Meet our single serve cups, they may look small but they pack plenty of flavor. The custards come in 5 different flavors. Whatever your mood, we have a flavor to satisfy your craving.

The minimum order is 6 per flavor.

You can also try the variety pack for all the flavors at once.

Our Custards/ Flans/ Creme Caramels come in 4" round, 4 oz cups that can be frozen and thus shipped straight to you. The flan arrives to you tasting fresh as the day it was made. All you have to do is allow the cup to thaw out in your refrigerator; be patient! Then enjoy!

Our single cups can also be purchased at Zabar's, Gourmet Garage (all 5 locations), the Union market (all 4 locations), H-Mart (Hartsdale, Great Neck and Bayside) and more to be announced shortly.

The cups we hope are either reused or recycled!


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